Post-Op Update!

Sorry for the delayed post but daily therapy really takes the wind out of us, especially combined with school and everything else that is going on adjusting back to life!

First of all, surgery went super well; it was a huge success! He did really well all during the operation and we didn’t wait any longer than the expected 3 hours of surgery. The beginning stages of recovery was difficult bc of the vomiting from anesthesia (expected) and the reaction he had to some medication (or combination of), probably one of the epidural meds (unexpected) and a lot of pain (some of it expected, some not due to a kinked catheter). We tried to manage as best we could and he started to get better after 3 day and started to cooperate for his 2nd therapy session that day. By discharge (day 5), he was able to put weight on his feet and even take some assisted steps but still needed the wheelchair.

We stayed an extra week for their rehabilitative physical therapy, then we returned the wheelchair and headed back home with our stroller instead.

He had one session of PT before our flight home and then started PT again immediately the day after we got back home but was very tired. Since then, we’ve been diligent about 5 days/wk PT, also having him practice extra walking wherever he goes and on the weekends. He started to go back to preschool last week as well and is doing really well. His sitting has amazingly (and unexpectedly) improved so much and he’s doing a lot of great things but is still not at pre-op level yet and is still improving his stability while walking and will have to learn how to jump and run again (later). But he’s amazing and improving every single day and we’re so proud of him!

Thank you all for the prayers and love and support as always!