Tonight, at dinner, Kaleb asked if he could pray. He doesn’t pray that often but at his request, we let him take the lead and he starts out with a common list of things he loves or is thankful for, whatever may usually come to a 4yo’s mind…but what came out of his mouth shortly afterwards stunned us in some ways but also moved us beyond words.

“Pray for doctor fixing my knee…”

We both peeked and looked at each other briefly, tears welling up in our eyes. Up to this point, we weren’t entirely sure how much he understood of what we’ve all been talking about and whereas the neurosurgeon is not actually operating on his knee, somehow he knows he’s having a huge operation that will ultimately affect his legs…

And he knows we’re anxious about it. And honestly, he is a little too.

Kaleb is scheduled for a major neurosurgery operation (called SDR = Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) on March 2. It was scheduled less than a month ago and it seemed to have all come upon us so quickly in that sense, but we’ve been seeing the neurosurgeon since he was 2.5yo in preparation for this surgery. It’s been a long time coming…and we leave in a week.

In the meantime, we’ve just been scrambling to make sure all the logistics are in place, making sure all the needed therapy appointments are made and deposits paid for, and getting as much pre-op therapy for him as we can, while also completing all of his kindergarten assessments with the school district.

Lots of emotions are flooding us during this time, but we just pray for a smooth operation and recovery. We know the recovery will be a lot of work, as he will need to relearn how to walk again, but we are dedicated to doing everything we can to make the whole procedure and his recovery as successful as we can.

Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers during this time. Much love and thanks to all our family, friends, and supporters always and forever ❤