Two Years SF!

Today marks the 2nd year of seizure freedom for Kaleb! He is truly our little miracle in every way possible.

Since it’s been a while since our last update…

Kaleb is in an inclusion program at a public preschool for special needs children with orthopedic impairment. He goes daily for a few hours each day and he also receives group speech therapy at school as well. He really loves going to school and tells everyone proudly “I preschool!” wherever he goes.

He receives OT, PT, aquatics, speech services weekly. We’ve also started hippotherapy (hippo = horse in Greek) this year, also on a weekly basis, and it’s been great for working on his core strength and balance.

His most recent milestone is jumping with both feet off the ground! It’s a lot of fun and he loves doing it! He also is getting stronger with stairs and also able to step up and down a curb independently.

His visual memory is his greatest strength. He loves numbers, shapes, colors and sight words. He loves learning and is very determined at everything he does.

We also participated in the annual Epilepsy Stroll again last month, which was wonderful as usual! Even though it’s at the same venue, it is still so different every year and we make new memories and experience new things each time!

It has been such a blessing to come so far through these past few years and it’s been an amazing journey! We can’t imagine our lives any other way and we are so happy that Kaleb has been seizure-free for 2 years! So much thanks to our family and friends for their continuous support and love throughout the years! And everlasting praise to God for his blessings upon us!


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