One Year Seizure-Free!

Kaleb has been seizure-free for exactly one year! We are so happy, grateful, and blessed to have achieved this milestone and we hope for many more years of seizure freedom for our little guy!

We also want to thank everyone so much for supporting us at the epilepsy stroll, whether it be monetary, in spirit/thoughts/prayers, or in person! It was a huge success, we had a great time with all of our teammates, and we continue to strive for advocacy and hope for a cure for those with epilepsy!

Other than his walking, which is improving everyday, Kaleb is also able to bend down from standing and pick something up, stand up from a child-sized chair without using his hands, and he’s starting to put together short sentences, like “Mommy milk please”, “More water”, and “Bye Bye “. He loves playing the recorder and harmonica and tinkering on the piano, can catch a ball and walk around with it, eats with a spoon and fork, and is learning how to walk up stairs with support and pincer grasping with his left hand. We’re very proud of how far he’s come and we celebrate every inchstone everyday!


2 thoughts on “One Year Seizure-Free!

  1. Wow – just read this today. Didn’t know it was in a “special” place that my e mail has decided on its own to put it there. Wonderful pictures – especially enjoyed the one of the “elders”. You should take great pride in all your hard work & dedication to your family. Looking forward to seeing you at the picnic!

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