Development City!

Since weaning, Kaleb’s development has really taken off!

In the past week, as we shared earlier, he started saying Mama (although he has stopped saying in front of me, people have told me that he says it when he’s looking for me). And he’s understood the word “no” for about a month now but in the last 3 days, he has successfully learned to clap and kick on demand! He tries to sing his favorite “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee” song, complete with hand motions (aka folding his hands together while going, “buhbuhbuhbuh”). He is scooting very quickly now, can climb up on (low) things fairly well, and is starting to pull up to stand with our support/help. We’re very proud of the progress he’s made! We’re still working on sitting up on his own but he’s making some good strides there too.


“Aquatic therapy? I was born to do this!”
Coincidentally, his aquatic therapist (here in the pic with him) also has hemiplegic CP affecting his left side, so he really knows firsthand what works and helps amd swears by aquatic therapy, hence has dedicated himself to helping kids with their developmental goals.

He also started aquatic therapy last week and is loving it and doing very well! This little bub loves the water–like mother, like son 🙂


So far so good

Kaleb appears to have a minor case of insomnia since finishing Vigabatrin.  He reduced his naps pretty dramatically and had a few nights of “whee, it’s 4AM, what are you guys doing asleep when you can scoot around and have fun?”

It really seems like he’s using his left hand more, but he’s changing constantly so it’s hard to tell.


Kaleb said MAMA today! He has been saying Dada on and off but this is the first time he purposely said the M sound. It was music to my ears 🙂 hoping it stick and he’ll continue saying it tomorrow and on!

I’ve also decided to volunteer with the parent-faculty group at Kaleb’s school (effectively their PTA). They do so much for these kids and their families and apparently only one parent had been helping out all this time, with several faculty members, so they definitely need more parent involvement. So a couple of us parents have decided to join, just in time for the new school year, starting next month. We’re very excited to be a part of this wonderful school and look forward to what’s to come!