Weaning off Vigabatrin/Sabril

After our appointment with our neurologist., we are now beginning to wean Kaleb off of his Sabril.

This will occur over one month, with his dosage being reduced each week.

As we’re lowering the dosage slowly, we’ll be able to observe whether Kaleb has any other types of seizures.  If so, we’ll know what dosage of Vigabatrin is required to keep those seizures at bay and we would begin treating them with a less powerful medication.

Our neurologist seems pleased with Kaleb’s progress, though he acknowledged that Kaleb’s speech skills should be stronger.  Kaleb recently has been advancing in this particular area, so I’m sure he’ll catch up soon.

We’re basically back on a tight vigil for the next couple of months as we monitor Kaleb for signs of either recurrent hypsarrythmia or new types of seizures.  Our neurologist thinks it’s very unlikely that hypsarrythmia will return, as he hadn’t seen such a case where an EEG was so clean for so long only to be followed by a relapse.


3 thoughts on “Weaning off Vigabatrin/Sabril

  1. Sounds like good news! You are certainly doing well at following all the doctors instructions. I am very impressed with your knowledge & the big words you know & can keep straight. Kaleb is in the perfect family. Prayers going up for you every day.

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