There are two things Kaleb really cares about in this world: 1) Mommy, 2) People eating food.

I had just started helping mommy cook dinner when Kaleb scooted over and began screaming his head off.  It appears he thought we were eating food without him.  Once he was settled in his chair with a plate full of puffs and a good view by which to verify that we weren’t eating anything without him, he calmed down.

What really bugs Kaleb, is when he thinks he’s not eating what everybody else is eating, even if he isn’t hungry.

Kaleb’s favorite food: raspberries (clear favorite by a mile at this point).  Daddy’s little kid indeed.


Sheer determination

Kaleb’s been scooting for a few weeks now.  It’s interesting how even though he has better control over his right arm, he mainly scoots with his left shoulder, upper-left arm, and right leg (though lately he seems to be moving his left leg a little more rather than holding it rigidly straight out).  I think he uses his right arm more to steer and stabilize himself.

But probably the most amazing thing about this little guy is how determined he is when he decides to do something.  If he hears his brother doing something interesting at the other end of the house, he will scoot all the way there, just to see what he’s doing, even though the effort is obviously enormous.  If there’s an obstacle in his way, he’ll focus on going around or over it and he doesn’t give up.

Congratulations Kaleb, you caught your big brother dumping Legos on the floor.

Worries we love to have

Anybody who’s raised children knows there’s a point at you start worrying about what your kid might ‘get to’.  We’re really glad that now we have to worry about Kaleb getting into various things on his adventures throughout the house.  The little guy simply wont remain still any longer.  He has to go everywhere all the time, scooting and rolling along.

We’ve got a scooter!

Not this…

Nor this…


But our very own Kaleb! He started army crawling/scooting a week ago! He’s even remembering to bring his left arm forward instead of dragging it behind him! Whoohoo! Go Mr. K!

ImageAnd we’re finally back to being healthy again after three back-to-back colds and two ear infections. Whew! Hope that’s the last of it!