Missed a dose!

Oops!  Wednesday morning we missed a dose of Kaleb’s Sabril.  We were heading towards finishing with a perfect record too!  Kaleb gets 500mg in the morning and 1000mg at night.  The morning dose is smaller because each packet is 500mg (so one packet in the morning and two in the evening.)  The effects are mostly accumulated over several days rather than hours, so “how much is given, when” is not that important.

We’ve discussed this possibility with his neurologist previously and in this case we give the dose if it’s simply ‘late’, or skip if we miss it completely.

We keep Kaleb’s medication straight by writing a day and AM/PM on each packet when a shipment arrives.  That way we can tell immediately whether or not he had his medication by looking at whatever packet is next.  If it’s Wednesday PM and the packet on top says Wednesday AM, like it did yesterday, then it’s immediately clear something is wrong.  In this case, we both seem to have thought the other person gave it to him, but in this rare instance, neither of us checked (generally we both check).

Other than that, Kaleb is doing very well these days (despite being sick again for the 3rd time in the last month).  He’s getting more vocal and starting to play with making new sounds which seem a lot like syllables. He’s even starting to scoot a bit and we’re trying to train him on climbing (which we think helped him start scooting). The current plan is to start weaning him off of Vigabatrin in June.


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It’s on! Please click here to join our team & walk with us at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and support the fight against epilepsy! Today was the National Walk for Epilepsy in DC but May 18, 2013 is the Northern California stroll! You can join us anytime before the walk starts but register by 4/26 if you’d like to specify your shirt size. If you cannot make it, please consider donating via our team page to The Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California to support the cause! Any donation of any amount is greatly appreciated, contributes towards the fight against epilepsy, and is fully tax deductible.