I think we have some milestones!

Kaleb started vocalizing a bit with sort of a g/k sound and apparently Daddy and Grandma heard him make a m sound on two separate occasions but we haven’t heard it since. However, today, he clearly said shhh (with a bit of a th sound to it) back when we told him “shhh, B’s sleeping” and he repeated it more than once! It was very exciting and I think that might just be his first word!

Last week, he also rolled over from back to tummy for the first time on his own! And it was for a toy! And this week, he started looking for dropped objects a bit! He’s still not very consistent with these things but it’s still huge! And it shows significant cognitive and motor improvements! Just in time for his first birthday–so soon! We can’t believe he’s going to be one already! We are all so proud of him!


Spoke too soon

Kaleb came down with a 102.2 fever this morning. We took him in and found that he had an ear infection. So far, no seizures from the fever, so we’re hoping it stays that way. We got Omnicef instead of amoxicillin because some kids see more seizures on amoxicillin. So far he is doing okay, despite the extreme fussiness. Praying he gets better soon.